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We started out early on a Saturday morning visiting churches near Isiolo. It was a hot day and the Isiolo wind was blowing fiercely and sand blasting us each time we had to walk to another church.

We had hired a car and we would drive near to each church and then walk the last part of the way that the car could not drive.

At four in the afternoon we had visited 4 churches and an orphanage and when we

left the last church at 4 p.m., I was tired and ready to go back to the hotel.  That’s when the pastor said, “We have one more church to go to.”

On the inside I was moaning and groaning and resisting. There was no part of me that wanted to go see that last church.  I was hot, I was tired and sweaty and I was

 hungry.  We had left the hotel at 7:30 a.m. and then eaten breakfast, at 4 p.m. we had not had any lunch.

The car we were riding in was an old 5 seater Toyota Corolla and the cushions in the seats had worn out long ago. On top of that we had 8 people in this five seater car, so even when we were riding it was very uncomfortable and HOT.

I say all that just to make sure you appreciate what kind of mood I was in at 4 p.m. when the pastor said “We have one more church to go to.”  But on the outside I said, “Great, let’s go, let’s do it. “

It took about 45 minutes to get close to the church. We were able to get fairly close this time and so we had only about 5 or 10 minutes to walk.  When we got out of the car, I could hear the

people at the church singing. And I sadly realized that they had been waiting for us to come. While they were waiting they were singing and praising the Lord.  

As we arrived we were instructed to sit . We sang with them some and then the children had a song to sing for us and it was wonderful and I was so glad that I had not missed the opportunity to be with them.  

After the singing the pastor told the people to sit.  I was confused, because I was pretty sure that we were sitting in the only available seats. Then I saw the people get these rocks that were around the edge of the church and each one got a rock and they sat on a rock.

It came my time to greet the church and as I stood before these people, sitting on rocks so they could hear what I had to say, God spoke to me and this is what He said. “You see these people, these are My people, in whom I am well pleased.”  It was at that moment that I realized how disappointing I had been to God that day. Here I was grumbling about being hot and tired and hungry, and now I stood before people who usually only ate one meal per day and some days none, and when they come to church, they have to sit on a rock and yet they were not groaning and complaining, they were worshipping God with all of their hearts.  

This is one of the reasons that we

need people praying for us. I have heard so many people say to me “I could never do what you do.” What they don’t seem to realize is that I only do what I do by the grace and power of God.  There is nothing special about me, there is something very special about my God.  I believe that God releases His power through the prayers of His people.  He doesn’t need our prayer in order to do His work, but He requires it.

When the Israelites fought the battle of Jericho, God did not need them to march around that city in order to make those walls fall down, but He did require it.  I think if you study the miracles of the Bible you will see that there is a pattern. When God performed a miracle, He required an action.  So when you pray for a miracle, watch for the action that God is requiring of you.

Thank you for praying for us. It is your prayers that keep us going every day.  The next time you are in church, sitting on your comfy pew, don’t forget to thank God that you are not sitting on a rock and that when church is over you get to go have lunch, not every Christian can say that.

I am very grateful that I got to meet the people at “The Rock Church” their faithfulness to our God has forever changed my life.

God has rewarded the members of The Rock Church and they now have  a building to worship in and wooden benches to sit on and they still sing the same sweet beautiful music!